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Chef Sam Choy

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We appreciate and delight in the food, but what’s cooking beyond the dish? In our latest series, Ono Yum steps out of the kitchen and gets a peek at the man behind the chef coat. Meet legendary Hawaiian chef and the Godfather of Poke himself, Sam Choy. Sam lives in Hawaii, but is constantly on the road sharing his passion for food with people all over the world. We were able to link up with him in Seattle for a pop-up dinner at The Stonehouse Cafe in Rainier Beach. Eighty-degree weather in Seattle with Hawaiian-inspired dishes made by Chef Sam Choy? Yes please!

OY: What did you have for dinner last night?
SC: I had fresh, local crispy fried Akule with kona lime shoyu and hot rice.

OY: If you could share a meal with anyone, who would it be?
SC: Oh, that’s easy! My dogs Nunugirl and Likoboy, because they love my food and they never complain. They love sashimi! When I’m cutting fish I’ll give them sashimi bowls and sometimes I’ll grill them a steak (No seasonings and no fat, only the best for my dogs!).

OY: What (or who) inspires you in and out of the kitchen and why?
SC: Just the natural things of life, because they are real and they are free.

OY: What is your theme song?
SC: Natalie by Bruno Mars. Although I can’t relate to the actual story, I love the passion behind the lyrics and the beat. It fires me up!

OY: What one kitchen tip would you give that anyone can use?
SC: Clean as you go!

OY: What kind of food is just something that you cannot stand to eat?
SC: I don’t like desserts that are too sweet and I don’t like fatty foods. Cake can be good, but a lot of cakes out there are just too much. The cake itself is sweet, then there are layers of sweet frosting inside and then layers of sweet frosting on the outside. That stuff makes me nuts!

OY: What was your first car?
SC: I had a blue VW Bug with surf racks on top.

Chef Sam Choy will be hosting, judging and conducting a live poke demo at Ono Yum’s I Love Poke Seattle event on October 6th at The Stonehouse Cafe. For more information, click HERE.

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