Dessert in the Desert

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The desert is too hot in the summer.  We know this.  Why travel to a rad destination when all you want to do is stay inside where the A/C is blasting because if you go outside your skin will melt off?  This is why we planned our AZ trip for the November-January months.  As I write this blog entry the current desert weather is 70 degrees in the day, and drops to 49 degrees at night.  Pretty perfect if you ask me, but of course you need to check the forecast so you don’t get caught off guard by a storm.  From San Diego it’s about a 6 hour drive into Scottsdale.  We chose Scottsdale because that’s where the Saguaro Hotel is, and that’s where we wanted to stay.  Plus, Scottsdale is a short drive to Phoenix so everything that we wanted to do was accessible.  Our mission of course was to find some good eats, enjoy the desert outdoors and sip on some good coffee.  Here’s what we found during this short two day trip….



Snoh Ice Shavery is a brand we’ve been following in Instagram for a while.  They always post rad pics of colorful snow ice combos, boba drinks, brick toast and iced coffees.  For sure this place is worth you checkin out.


The Desert Botanical Garden (or DBG if you a gangsta) is SO DOPE.  With the whole water saving succulent/cactus craze going on right now, this place is a dreamland of odd greenery for all you plant nerds out there.  You might also see some wildlife.  We were fortunate enough to see the rare appearance of a Barn Owl, just chillin in a tree.   There are also plenty of hummingbirds and chipmunks cruising around so you can soak up more memory on your phone trying to get the perfect pic.  (Photo of my back, by my Bae: @aurorasitara)


Giant Coffee in Phoenix is legit as it gets, especially if craft coffee is your thing.  This here is my Cortado with a smoky Maple donut (I thought it was just a maple donut, but there was a hint of bacon in there somewhere, but no bacon chunks.)


Melt Ice Cream in Phoenix is a super cool little hole in the wall.  Where else can you go for homemade ice cream served not only in cones by also in Chinese food takeout containers with a fortune cookie?  They have crazy flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Blueberry Moo’fin, Strawberry Habanero and also serve other sweet treats like Chamoy Gummy Worms.  The thing we love most about Melt is the overall brand.  Black walls, bright art, Mexican x Asian cultures clash in a Graffiti vs. Totoro visual jiu jitsu match.  This is an ONOYUM kind of place fasho!  (We stole this photo from the Instagram of @linmack with permission because when we went, it was too dark to get any good images.  Thanks Minsday LcHenry!)


Here are a few more honorable mentions:  Hula’s Modern Tiki (Serves Loco Moco), Phoenix Flea (we didn’t get to go but we want to), Olive & Ivy, A Fox Restaurant (One of the best restaurant experiences we’ve had in a long time, order the Lamb Meatballs, ask to sit in Josh’s section!)




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