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Walking into Holy Matcha you are instantly immersed in colors of pinks and greens, textures of flowers and fluff, accented by bright shiny objects like gold tables and golden spoons.  Most guys will walk into this place only to feel an overwhelming sensation that they hit the “date night jackpot” amping to take their boo to this place in hopes of receiving some bonus points for finding that “new new” before everyone else gets word.  Geraldine (owner), a young entrepreneur originally from Mexicali, found out she was allergic to coffee, so she started drinking tea, specifically Matcha.  Matcha is a fine powder made of ground up green tea leaves and is known for packing a little bit more of a caffeine punch than your usual loose leaf or tea bag method.  Matcha is also different than coffee because it is low in acidity and does not mess with the nervous system so side effects are usually just happier moods, energy boosts, and jitter-less smiles.  If you need that afternoon pick me up, but don’t like coffee, Matcha could be your new bestie.  We were fortunate enough to catch Holy Matcha during the soft-opening and we tried almost everything on the menu (a sacrifice we made for you).  We loved the combination of an Asian tradition colliding with bright Mexican flare, but most importantly we could tell that Geraldine and her staff made their drinks and dishes with integrity and respect to the culture and origins of Matcha’s roots.  Peep dem photos below and if you visit tell them Ono Yum sent ya!


Matcha Latte, Coconut Milk, Iced


Ceremonial Matcha, Matcha Pocky Stick


Flare.  See, we told ya.


Avocado Toast and a Yogurt Bowl.  Holy Matcha!


Matcha Chia Seed pudding, golden spoon.


Matcha Latte, Almond Milk, Iced


Holy Matcha
3118 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
b/t 31st St & Iowa St
North Park

IG – @holymatchaa

FB – Holy Matcha SD






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