Matchas Gracias

Posted by Neens on March 9, 2017

Walking into Holy Matcha you are instantly immersed in colors of pinks and greens, textures of flowers and fluff, accented by bright shiny objects like gold tables and golden spoons.  Most guys will walk into this place only to feel an overwhelming sensation that they hit the “date night jackpot” amping to take their boo…

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Hawaiian Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted by Neens on November 19, 2015

Every Thanksgiving we like to share some of our family recipes with you.  They are nothing fancy, but we love to add a little bit of Aloha into all our cooking.  Whether it’s adding Portuguese Sausage to stuffing, topping pumpkin pies with Haupia, or making your mashed potatoes purple, these are just little ways to…

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