Thirteen Years of Poke


Pacific Catch: Thirteen Years of Poke

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To no surprise, Poke is a trending food these days.  Unfortunately, when things “trend” they tend to lose a lot from it’s original form.  Quantity takes over quality and people are racing to turn more bowls into bucks.  So let’s skip the trend for a moment and focus on Pacific Catch, a Westcoast Fish House that has been serving poke for thirteen years.  Yep, thirteen years.  That makes them an O.G. in the California poke game.

We recently took a trip up the coast so that we could see if their poke tasted as good as it looked on Instagram.  The answer is, YES it does.  When food is this good, there’s not much to write about.  We will let your eyes feast on the photos.  If you love poke, fish tacos, or just seafood in general, we recommend you give one of their 7  Pacific Catch locations a visit when you are in the Bae.  Oops.  Bay.

(Inside Scoop:  Ono Yum and Pacific Catch are in talks of bringing I Love Poke to the Bay some time in July of 2016.  Stay tuned!)

PC_Image2Serrano Poke:  Ahi tuna, sweet onions, spicy aioli, serrano chiles

PC_Image4California Style:  Ahi tuna, hand-picked crab, citrus aioli, avocado, tobiko, shredded nori, soy

PC_Image5Macadamia Nut Poke:  Ahi tuna, toasted macadamia nuts, scallion, sweet soy

PC_Image1Fish Tacos, for them peeps that don’t like it raw.

PC_Image3Korean BBQ Rice Bowl:  Marinated skirt steak, green onion panchan, cucumber, shredded omelette, daikon sprouts, shredded nori

PC_Image6Thai Curry Rice Bowl: Salmon, sautéed eggplant, red bell peppers, green beans, cucumber, onions, toasted coconut




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