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For those of you in San Diego that are familiar with Love Boat Sushi or Blue Ocean Robata comes the newest member of the family, “Pokewan”.  I can always appreciate a good story, especially when it’s told with cute Asian style, Totoro-esq, Sanrio-ish characters.  The name Pokewan was inspired by Pokemon and speaks of the game us “Cats” play while on the hunt for tasty fish.  Can you relate?

My brother Blaise and I snuck away for an afternoon of chasing fish and headed to Carlsbad Village to see what Pokewan had to offer.  I already loved the brand and story, and now wanted to see what the food was all about.

Pokewan is a mainland-style poke restaurant taking the Hawaiian concept and putting their twist on ingredients and sauces featuring options like zucchini noodles as a base alternative to rice,  great for all you peeps doing deadlifts and burpees.  The fusion aspect is apparent in their signature bowls using ingredients such as goji Berries and rice popcorn, but if you want to go a more traditional Hawaii-style bowl you can just build your own.  The most important thing for us is that their fish was fresh and Pokewan passed the test.  There are a lot of mainland style poke places opening up and a lot of them use junk fish.  But with a support group of older brother and sister sushi restaurants, you can tell that quality of seafood is very important to Pokewan.

If you find yourself craving fish, spam, beach, waves and dole whip – Pokewan in Carlsbad is your spot.


Grab n Go nigiri and sushi rolls.  Notice the “Spam” Nigiri.  Dope.


Garlic flavored brown rice puffs


Fresh coconut water

Miso machine


Tasty Fish + Good Vibes = My brother.. who is now a Happy Cat.


Power Protein Signature Bowl – Tuna and Salmon served on brown rice, topped with edamame, avocado, blue crab, corn, cucumber, jalapeno, sweet onion, scallion, furikake, masago, crispy onion, sriracha, and garlic mustard sauce.


Maui Wowie Mango (Spicy) – Tuna served on cucumber noodles, topped with mango salsa, avocado, edamame, beet, macro shiso, sweet onion, furikake, scallion, and mango habanero sauce.

Dole Whip it good.


The thing in my left hand is a Jolly Cane; a puffed rice ice cream cone shaped as a candy cane (an “ice cream cane” I suppose?).  (I first heard of these from friends in Hawaii who told me about Hawaiian Honey Cones)


2958 Madison Street, Ste 101
Carlsbad, CA 92008











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