Kona Brewing Co. Releases New Beer

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Kona Brewing Co. is releasing a new toasted coconut infused beer named “Koko Brown”.  We hung out with the Kona crew and their president, Mattson Davis, in Hermosa Beach at the studio and art gallery of Bo Bridges.

This was a private event for media, wholesalers and retailers only.

Poke and some other delicious munchies were provided by Watermans.  Not being from Hermosa, I didn’t know about Watermans, but we were stoked to run in to them and invited them to compete in “I Love Poke” Orange County.  We hope they sign up!

According to my "Pidgin 101" app (Buy the app now!), Pau Hana means "Finished with work". Sample usage: "Almost pau hana. Time going crack some beers."

Not only did they infuse toasted coconut into the brew, but they also infused SUP into their packaging. I think they did a great job on the look and feel of Koko Brown.
El Presidente, Mattson Davis, holding a six pack and flying the shaka in a Teahupoo barrel shot by Bo Bridges.

We got to talk story with Mattson for a little bit.  He’s a super cool down to earth braddah and it was rad to meet him.  Meeting the man behind the Kona brand really made us proud to have Kona Brewing Co. be the official beer sponsor of “I Love Poke” San Diego.  Of course, we did ask him some questions….

1.  What kind of food would you pair Koko Brown with? Thai Food!  Or anything with caramelized onions, or even panini type stuff.

2.  Which one of your beers would you pair with Poke? Longboard for sure.

3.  Who makes the best poke on the Big Island? My wife.

4.  Do you eat Musubi? Yep, Spam musubi.  My kids love that stuff.

5.  Leave us with another great pairing with one of your beers. You can’t go wrong with Firerock and a nice juicy burger!

6.  Last, will you fly in and be a judge at “I Love Poke” San Diego? (He looks at the calendar on his iPhone)  Well, I have family coming in to Hawaii the week before April 20th, but I might be able to make that happen.  Let me get back to you on that, but I’m gonna try for sure!  (We’ll keep everyone posted)

Koko Brown will be available in stores, at your favorite restaurants and in your neighborhood bars FEBRUARY 21ST.  Ask them for it!

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