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Yeah, it's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it!
Ohana means "Family". Melissa Gole (The Haupia Pie Maker), Shawn Gole (The Chef) and Mark Gole (The DAD, and partner of course).
This is the Pipeline. Traditional Poke with shoyu and ogo added.
This is the Waimea. Spicy mayo with extras avo, mango and masago.
A close up of the Waimea. ONO = YUM = OMG, LOL.
California X Hawaii = Poke + Burrito = Poke-ritto.
Poke-ritto Close Up.
A dash of Chili Peppa Watah if you please.
Poke a little spicy? No worry, they have a fire extinguisher and plenty Hawaiian Sun flavors on hand!
Haupia pie for dessert, anyone?

Back in April I blogged about the opening of a new restaurant that was strictly about “Poke”.  Two months later I head over to the North Shore Poke Co. in Huntington Beach to give you the full report.  I hope you enjoyed the photos above and I hope they made you salivate all over your keyboard.  I love to know who is behind the business, so here are some questions that I asked North Shore Poke Co’s, Shawn Gole.

How did you become a Hawaii Lover?

My parents took me to Hawaii many times when I was young. This is where my love for the culture, the food and the water started. My love for the Islands only got stronger during the 4 plus years I lived there while serving in the Coast Guard.

Bring us through an ideal “Living in Hawaii” day.

My perfect day was stopping at Mitsu-Ken in the morning and pick up the garlic chicken. Then surf the North Shore all day, hitting different spots, with a stop to Teds Bakery for lunch.  Last I would hit my favorite Sushi spot for dinner and find some good live music to listen too.

What was your first memorable Poke eating experience?

My most memorable experience was the first time I had the spicy tuna poke at Ono Seafood in Kaimuki. This is the place I based North Shore Poke Co. after.

Have you ever had bad poke in Hawaii?

I have never had bad poke. I have had some that I didn’t enjoy. It was important for me to try as many types of poke as possible, so I could create my own style and flavors that I believe people will enjoy. I am always thinking of ways to offer new and creative items to our menu

What are you doing to keep the quality of your Poke to the highest standards?

All our menu items use the freshest ingredients and the freshest fish possible. It is important to me that we offer a healthy and fresh product. This is why we make our poke to order, instead of making pre-made batches ahead of time. This way our customer can order their poke the way they want it.

What is your personal fave from your restaurant?

My favorite is the Spicy -teri Poke-ritto.

Are you planning on expanding your menu to other popular Hawaiian dishes?

In the future we hope to offer other items on the menu, but for the time being we want to concentrate on our poke and poke variations, so we can continue to offer the best Poke available on the mainland. We do offer a pretty good Haupia pie, and some delicious Hawaiian beverages.

Will you compete against defending champs Chef Renato Sampaga (Stadium Brewing Co., 1st Place “Traditional” Category) and Andy Tanaka (Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Anaheim, 1st Place “Any Kine” Category)  in the I Love Poke Festival Orange County (date TBA)?

We do plan on competing in the I love Poke festival in OC, and may I add, we plan on winning.

Any last thoughts/comments?
Our goal is bringing good , fresh and healthy Poke to the mainland.



North Shore Poke Co. 214 5th St.,

Open Sun.-Mon. & Wed.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Tues. & Fri.-Sat., 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Dinner for two, $10-$25.

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