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Two of the most sought after destinations in the world are Hawaii and California. At Ono Yum, we just happen to be lucky enough to have a connection with both.

It’s the ultimate Catch-22. Hawaii and California have so much to offer, yet when you’re in one location, you often times miss the other. Both offer town and country, where you can enjoy the nightlife or be as secluded as you’d like. They offer a coastal lifestyle incorporating world-class waves, healthy fisheries, incredible diving, diverse culture, and endless forms of music, dance, art and food into daily life.

Together, the individuals at Ono Yum saw one common thread – we weren’t alone. And it wasn’t just people from Hawaii living in California or people from California living in Hawaii. It was people from all over the world who had visited the two and left with something for life.

So, we’re here for you. Ono Yum is the food you crave. Ono Yum is the tube ride that you reminisce on. Ono Yum is the ahi that you fought and landed (or maybe the one you lost). Ono Yum is your local living, your lifestyle, your culture and everything you miss. Ono Yum is how we say delicious. Even better, Ono Yum is everything that keeps you stoked until the next time you’re there again… wherever “there” happens to be for you!





Neens is a little guy that does a lot of things. His passion is helping people satisfy their cravings...

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Adam “Trout” Traubman is an avid fisherman, surfer, home chef and family man...

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Huntington Beach

Hawaii born and raised, Blaine “Sumo” Sato, is a man of many gifts and talents...

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