Irie loves, Koko Head Cafe

Posted by Neens on September 19, 2021

Our first DOCYUMENTARY, Ono Yum follows Hawaiian recording artist Irie Love as she visits one of her favorite hometown spots, Koko Head Cafe. Run by renowned chef Lee Anne Wong, the cafe attracts both locals and tourists alike — boasting some of the best eats on the south shore of Oahu.  Learn more about Irie’s…

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Pacific Catch: Thirteen Years of Poke

Posted by Neens on March 14, 2021

To no surprise, Poke is a trending food these days.  Unfortunately, when things “trend” they tend to lose a lot from it’s original form.  Quantity takes over quality and people are racing to turn more bowls into bucks.  So let’s skip the trend for a moment and focus on Pacific Catch, a Westcoast Fish House…

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Poke Australia

Posted by Neens on February 4, 2022

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST POKE SHOP In 2009 Ono Yum saw the need for poke on the mainland, so we started the I Love Poke Festival.  Going into our 7th year, it’s been nothing but amazing fun and memories that we will keep forever in our tummies.  We’ve also witnessed the humble dish that is poke become…

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Spun Paradise: Making Good Sugar

Posted by Neens on December 1, 2021

It all started at Whole Foods.  I was at checkout with just the items that were on my list, trying to get out of there before something that I wasn’t intending on buying called my name.  (We’ve all been there.)  So far so good.  I was in line, I didn’t browse outside of my borders…

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Hawaiian Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted by Neens on November 19, 2021

Every Thanksgiving we like to share some of our family recipes with you.  They are nothing fancy, but we love to add a little bit of Aloha into all our cooking.  Whether it’s adding Portuguese Sausage to stuffing, topping pumpkin pies with Haupia, or making your mashed potatoes purple, these are just little ways to…

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Behind the Chef Coat

Chef Keoni Simmons

Posted by Neens on May 13, 2021

We appreciate and delight in the food, but what’s cooking beyond the dish? In a new series, Ono Yum steps out of the kitchen and gets a peek at the man behind the chef coat. To kick us off, meet Chef Keoni Simmons of Sushi on a Roll.

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